java script member count embed

To count the number of members in an Ember.js JavaScript object, you can use the Object.keys() function to get an array of all the object's keys, and then use the length property to determine the number of keys. Here's an example:

let object = {
  member1: 'John',
  member2: 'Jane',
  member3: 'Bob'

let memberCount = Object.keys(object).length;

In this example, the object variable represents your Ember.js object with its members. The Object.keys() function returns an array of all the keys in the object, and the length property gives the number of keys, which corresponds to the number of members in the object. Finally, the console.log() function is used to print the member count to the console.

Note that the Object.keys() function only returns enumerable keys, so if your object has non-enumerable keys, they won't be counted.