public class NameOf { public static String nameof(Expression> name) { MemberExpression expressionBody = (MemberExpression)name.Body; return expressionBody.Member.Name; } }

The provided code snippet appears to be written in the Ember language. It defines a public class called "NameOf" with a static method named "nameof". The method takes an argument of type "Expression> name", where "T" is a generic type parameter.

Within the method, the code attempts to retrieve the name of a member using the provided expression. It assumes that the expression is a MemberExpression and casts it accordingly to a local variable named "expressionBody". Finally, the code returns the name of the member accessed through the "expressionBody.Member.Name" property.

It's worth noting that the code snippet alone does not provide enough context to fully understand its purpose or how it is intended to be used.