excel hyperlink reference not updating when inserting rows

Troubleshooting Hyperlink Reference Not Updating in Excel When Inserting Rows

When inserting rows in Excel, hyperlink references may not update automatically. To resolve this issue, you can use the following steps:

  1. Use the HYPERLINK Function: When inserting rows, ensure that the hyperlink references are created using the HYPERLINK function. This function allows for dynamic updating of the hyperlink references when rows are inserted or deleted.

  2. Adjust the Cell Reference: If the hyperlink references are not updating, you may need to adjust the cell reference used in the HYPERLINK function to ensure it dynamically updates when rows are inserted.

  3. Update the Hyperlink Manually: If the above steps do not resolve the issue, you can manually update the hyperlink references after inserting rows by right-clicking on the hyperlink and selecting "Edit Hyperlink" to adjust the reference.

  4. Consider Using Named Ranges: Using named ranges for the cells linked in the hyperlink can also help ensure that the references update correctly when rows are inserted.

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