bash: line 1: templates/addtask.html: No such file or directory in flask app

  1. Make sure you have a Flask project structure with a "templates" folder in the same directory as your main application file.

  2. Create a new file named "addtask.html" inside the "templates" folder. This file will be your HTML template for the addtask route.

  3. In your Flask app, make sure you have the following import statement:

    python from flask import render_template

  4. Ensure that your Flask route for the "addtask" endpoint is using the render_template function to render the "addtask.html" template. For example:

    python @app.route('/addtask') def addtask(): return render_template('addtask.html')

  5. Verify that the file path specified in the render_template function matches the correct path to your "addtask.html" file inside the "templates" folder.

  6. Restart your Flask development server to apply the changes.

  7. Access the "/addtask" route in your browser and check if the error persists. If it does, ensure that there are no typos or issues with the file names and paths.

  8. If the issue persists, check the file permissions to ensure that the Flask application has the necessary permissions to access and read the "addtask.html" file.

  9. Confirm that your Flask application is running in the correct environment and that there are no virtual environment or configuration issues.

  10. If the problem continues, double-check your Flask project structure, including the placement of the "templates" folder and the "addtask.html" file. Ensure that they are in the correct locations relative to your main application file.

  11. If you still encounter issues, consider providing more details about your project structure and relevant code snippets for further assistance.