call javascript function flask

In order to call a JavaScript function from Flask, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create the JavaScript function in your HTML file, for example:
function myFunction() {
    // Your code here
  1. Create a route in your Flask app that will be triggered to call the JavaScript function, for example:
def call_js_function():
    # Your code here
  1. In the route function, you can use the render_template function to render a template that contains the JavaScript function call, for example:
return render_template('call_js_function.html')
  1. In the call_js_function.html template, you can call the JavaScript function, for example:
<!DOCTYPE html>
    <!-- Your HTML content here -->
  1. When the /call_js_function route is accessed, it will render the call_js_function.html template and trigger the JavaScript function myFunction().