default argument in flask route

In Flask, you can use default arguments in a route to provide a default value for a variable if no value is provided in the URL. Here's an explanation of each step involved:

  1. Start by importing the Flask module and creating an instance of the Flask class.

  2. Use the @app.route() decorator to define a route for your Flask application. Inside the parentheses, specify the URL path for the route.

  3. In the route function, you can define variables enclosed in angle brackets (<variable_name>) to capture values from the URL.

  4. To set a default value for a variable, add a colon (:) followed by the default value after the variable name in the route definition. For example, <variable_name=default_value>.

  5. Inside the route function, you can access the value of the variable by including it as a parameter in the function definition. Flask will automatically pass the value from the URL to the function.

  6. If a value is provided in the URL for the variable, Flask will use that value. If no value is provided, Flask will use the default value specified in the route definition.

  7. You can use the variable inside the route function to perform any necessary logic or return a response based on the value.

That's a brief explanation of using default arguments in Flask routes. Let me know if you need further assistance!