delete a record by id in flask sqlalchemy

To delete a record by ID in Flask SQLAlchemy, follow these steps:

  1. Import the necessary modules:
  2. Import the Flask module to create the Flask application.
  3. Import the SQLAlchemy module to interact with the database.
  4. Import the Flask-SQLAlchemy module to integrate Flask with SQLAlchemy.

  5. Create an instance of the Flask application:

  6. Instantiate the Flask application using the Flask(__name__) syntax.

  7. Configure the database connection:

  8. Set the database URI using the app.config['SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI'] attribute.
  9. The URI should include the database type, username, password, host, port, and database name.

  10. Create a SQLAlchemy object:

  11. Create an instance of the SQLAlchemy object using the SQLAlchemy(app) syntax.

  12. Define a model for your database table:

  13. Create a class that extends the db.Model class.
  14. Define the table name using the __tablename__ attribute.
  15. Define the table columns using the appropriate data types.

  16. Delete a record by ID:

  17. Retrieve the record you want to delete using the query.get(id) method, where id is the ID of the record.
  18. If the record exists, delete it using the db.session.delete(record) method, where record is the retrieved record.
  19. Commit the changes to the database using the db.session.commit() method.

  20. Run the Flask application:

  21. Add a route to handle the HTTP request for deleting a record by ID.
  22. Inside the route function, call the method to delete the record by ID.
  23. Return a response to indicate the success or failure of the deletion.

Note: Don't forget to handle exceptions and error cases appropriately to ensure the smooth execution of your Flask application.