display result in same page using flask api

To display the result in the same page using Flask API, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a Flask application by importing the necessary modules and initializing the app.

  2. Define a route for the main page where the form will be displayed.

  3. Create a form in the HTML template with the necessary input fields and a submit button.

  4. Define a route to handle the form submission and process the input data.

  5. Use the request object to retrieve the form data and perform any required processing.

  6. Render the result in the same page by passing it as a parameter to the template.

  7. Update the HTML template to display the result if it is available.

  8. Run the Flask application and access the main page to see the form and submit it to display the result on the same page.

These steps will allow you to use Flask to display the result in the same page using its API.