Flask - store object directly in a session [duplicate]

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To store an object directly in a Flask session, you can follow these steps:

  1. Import the necessary modules: Begin by importing the required modules in your Flask application. This usually includes importing the Flask class from the flask module, as well as any other modules you may need for your application.

  2. Create a Flask application instance: Initialize an instance of the Flask class and assign it to a variable. This instance will represent your Flask application.

  3. Configure the Flask application: Configure your Flask application by setting any necessary configurations. This might include setting the secret key for the session, which is used to encrypt the session data.

  4. Store the object in the session: To store an object directly in the session, you can use the session object provided by Flask. Simply assign the object to a key in the session object, like session['key'] = object. The object will be stored in the session and can be accessed in subsequent requests.

  5. Access the stored object: To access the stored object, you can retrieve it from the session object using the key you assigned it to. For example, to access the object stored with the key 'key', you can use object = session.get('key'). This will retrieve the object from the session, or return None if the key is not found.

  6. Remove the object from the session (optional): If you want to remove the object from the session, you can use the session.pop('key') method. This will remove the object associated with the specified key from the session.

That's it! By following these steps, you can store an object directly in a Flask session.