Flask application displaying list of items from SQL database as text

To display a list of items from an SQL database as text in a Flask application, you can follow these steps:

  1. Import the necessary modules: Import Flask and any other modules you may need for working with SQL databases.

  2. Create a Flask application: Create a Flask application by instantiating the Flask class. This will be the entry point for your application.

  3. Set up a database connection: Set up a connection to your SQL database using the appropriate library or module. This will allow your application to interact with the database.

  4. Define a route: Use the @app.route decorator to define a route for the page where you want to display the list of items. This will determine the URL that triggers the function.

  5. Create a function to retrieve data: Create a function that retrieves the data from the SQL database. This function will execute a query to fetch the desired data.

  6. Create a template: Create an HTML template that will be used to display the list of items. This template will have placeholders where the data will be inserted.

  7. Render the template: In the route function, call the render_template function and pass in the template file along with the data that you retrieved from the database. This function will render the template with the data.

  8. Return the rendered template: Finally, return the rendered template from the route function. This will display the list of items as text on the specified page.

Remember to customize the steps according to your specific requirements, such as the database you are using and the structure of your data.