flask decorator causes views to be named the same thing

  1. Import the Flask module:
from flask import Flask
  1. Create an instance of the Flask class:
app = Flask(__name__)
  1. Define a view function using the @app.route decorator:
def view1():
    return 'View 1'
  1. Define another view function using the same decorator:
def view2():
    return 'View 2'

Explanation: - The Flask class is imported from the flask module. - An instance of the Flask class is created with app = Flask(__name__). The __name__ argument is a special variable that helps Flask determine the root path of the application. - The @app.route decorator is used to associate a URL with a view function. In this case, both view1 and view2 are associated with the root URL '/'. - However, using the same decorator for both functions causes the second view function (view2) to overwrite the first one (view1). As a result, only the second view function will be registered for the specified route.

Note: This code will cause issues as both views have the same route. It's important to use unique routes for different view functions to avoid conflicts.