Flask error: werkzeug.routing.BuildError

Step 1: Import the necessary modules in your Flask application script:

from flask import Flask, render_template, url_for

Step 2: Create an instance of the Flask class:

app = Flask(__name__)

Step 3: Define a route in your application using the @app.route decorator:

def home():
    return render_template('home.html')

Step 4: In your HTML template (home.html in this case), use the url_for function to generate a URL for a given endpoint:

<a href="{{ url_for('home') }}">Home</a>

Step 5: Run your Flask application:

if __name__ == '__main__':

Note: The werkzeug.routing.BuildError occurs when Flask is unable to build a URL for a given endpoint. This can happen if the endpoint specified in url_for doesn't exist or if there's a mismatch in the arguments required by the endpoint. Make sure the endpoint name in url_for matches the function name decorated with @app.route and ensure that any required parameters for the endpoint are provided.