How to secure an endpoint for selected users with Flask-JWT-Extended

To secure an endpoint for selected users with Flask-JWT-Extended, you can follow these steps:

  1. Install Flask-JWT-Extended: Begin by installing the Flask-JWT-Extended extension using pip. Open your terminal and run the following command: pip install flask-jwt-extended

  2. Import necessary modules: In your Flask app file, import the required modules for Flask-JWT-Extended, including JWTManager, jwt_required, and create_access_token. Add the following lines to your code: python from flask_jwt_extended import JWTManager, jwt_required, create_access_token

  3. Initialize the extension: Create an instance of JWTManager and initialize it with your Flask app. This will handle the configuration and token management for your application. Add the following code to your app: python app = Flask(__name__) app.config['JWT_SECRET_KEY'] = 'your_secret_key' jwt = JWTManager(app)

  4. Define authentication route: Create a route for user authentication, where users can provide their credentials to obtain a token. This token will be used to access the secured endpoint. Add the following code to your app: python @app.route('/login', methods=['POST']) def login(): # Handle user authentication and validation # If user is authenticated, generate an access token access_token = create_access_token(identity='selected_user') return {'access_token': access_token}

  5. Secure the endpoint: Use the jwt_required decorator on the endpoint you want to secure. This decorator ensures that only requests with a valid access token can access the endpoint. Add the decorator as follows: python @app.route('/secured', methods=['GET']) @jwt_required def secured_endpoint(): # Handle the logic for the secured endpoint return 'This is a secured endpoint!'

  6. Test the endpoint: Start your Flask app and test the secured endpoint. Send a GET request to /secured with the access token in the Authorization header. If the token is valid, you will receive the response from the secured endpoint.

By following these steps, you can secure an endpoint for selected users using Flask-JWT-Extended. Remember to customize the authentication logic and access control according to your specific requirements.