nested list flask

To work with nested lists in Flask, you can follow these steps:

  1. Import the necessary modules: Begin by importing the required modules for working with Flask. These modules include flask and render_template from the flask package.

  2. Create a Flask application: Next, create a Flask application by calling the Flask class and assigning it to a variable. This will be your application object.

  3. Define a route: Use the @app.route() decorator to define a route for your application. This decorator specifies the URL path that will trigger the associated function.

  4. Create a function: Define a function that will handle the request for the specified route. This function will be called when the specified URL is accessed.

  5. Create a nested list: Inside the function, create a nested list using square brackets. You can nest multiple lists within each other to create a multidimensional list.

  6. Return the nested list: Use the return statement to send the nested list as a response to the client. Flask will automatically convert the list to a JSON response.

  7. Run the application: Finally, use the method to run the Flask application. This will start the development server and make your application accessible.

By following these steps, you can create a Flask application that handles requests and returns a nested list as a response. Remember to customize the code according to your specific requirements and use case.