procfile flask

A Procfile is a text file used in the Flask framework to specify the commands that should be executed by a web server when starting the application.

To create a Procfile for a Flask application, follow these steps:

  1. Open a text editor.
  2. Create a new file and name it "Procfile" (without any file extension).
  3. In the Procfile, write the command that should be executed to start the Flask application. Typically, this command is "gunicorn" followed by the name of your Flask application module, like "run:app". This tells the web server to start the Flask application using the "run" module and the "app" object.
  4. Save the Procfile in the root directory of your Flask application.

Once the Procfile is created, you can deploy your Flask application using a web server that supports it, like Heroku. The web server will read the Procfile and execute the specified command to start your Flask application.

Note: Make sure to install the necessary dependencies and modules required by your Flask application before deploying it. This can be done using a requirements.txt file or other dependency management tools.