flutter betterplayer get aspect ratio

To get the aspect ratio in Flutter using the "better_player" package, you can use the BetterPlayerController class and its videoPlayerController.value.aspectRatio property. Here's an example:

import 'package:better_player/better_player.dart';

// Create an instance of BetterPlayerController
BetterPlayerController _betterPlayerController = BetterPlayerController(
  betterPlayerDataSource: BetterPlayerDataSource(

// Get the aspect ratio
double aspectRatio = _betterPlayerController.videoPlayerController.value.aspectRatio;

In this example, we import the better_player package and create an instance of BetterPlayerController with a BetterPlayerConfiguration and a BetterPlayerDataSource. Then, we access the aspectRatio property of the videoPlayerController.value to get the aspect ratio.

Please note that you'll need to replace the video URL ("https://example.com/video.mp4") with your own video URL.