flutter intl currency

To format currency in Flutter using the flutter_intl package, you can use the NumberFormat class. This class provides various methods to format numbers, including currency formatting.

To format a number as currency, you can follow these steps:

  1. Import the flutter_intl package by adding import 'package:flutter_intl/flutter_intl.dart'; to the top of your Dart file.

  2. Create an instance of the NumberFormat class using the NumberFormat.currency constructor. Pass the locale parameter to specify the desired locale, and the name parameter to specify the currency symbol. For example, to format currency in US dollars, you can use:

dart var formatter = NumberFormat.currency(locale: 'en_US', name: 'USD');

  1. Use the format method of the NumberFormat instance to format a number as currency. Pass the number as the parameter to the format method. For example, to format the number 1234.56 as currency, you can use:

dart var formattedCurrency = formatter.format(1234.56);

The formattedCurrency variable will now contain the formatted currency string, such as $1,234.56 for US dollars.

That's it! You have now formatted a number as currency using the flutter_intl package in Flutter. You can use this approach to format currency in various locales and currencies by adjusting the locale and name parameters as needed.