flutter json serialization command with conflict resolve

To perform JSON serialization in Flutter, you can use the json.encode() method from the dart:convert library. This method converts a Dart object into a JSON string. Here's an example:

import 'dart:convert';

void main() {
  Map<String, dynamic> data = {
    'name': 'John Doe',
    'age': 30,
    'email': '[email protected]'

  String jsonString = json.encode(data);

In this example, we have a Map object called data that contains some key-value pairs. We use json.encode(data) to convert the data object into a JSON string. The resulting JSON string is then printed to the console.

To resolve conflicts during JSON serialization, you need to provide custom logic to handle any inconsistencies or conflicts that may arise. This can include handling null values, type conversions, or any other specific requirements for your application.

Please let me know if you need further assistance!