flutter regular expression for arabic and english characters

To create a regular expression in Flutter that matches Arabic and English characters, you can use the following pattern:

RegExp arabicAndEnglishPattern = RegExp(r'^[\p{L}\p{Arabic}]+$');

This regular expression pattern will match strings that contain only Arabic and English characters. Here's a breakdown of the pattern:

  • ^ asserts the start of the string.
  • [\p{L}\p{Arabic}] matches any Unicode letter character (\p{L}) or Arabic character (\p{Arabic}).
  • + matches one or more occurrences of the previous pattern.
  • $ asserts the end of the string.

You can use this regular expression pattern in Flutter to validate and manipulate strings that contain Arabic and English characters.

Please note that the above regular expression pattern is based on the information provided and may need to be adjusted according to your specific requirements.