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Using the JavaScript Channel in Flutter's InAppWebView

To communicate between Flutter and JavaScript in an InAppWebView, you can utilize the JavaScript channel provided by the flutter_inappwebview package. This allows you to send messages from Flutter to JavaScript and vice versa.

Here's an example of how you can set up the JavaScript channel in Flutter:

  1. Import the required packages:

dart import 'package:flutter_inappwebview/flutter_inappwebview.dart';

  1. Create an instance of InAppWebViewController to interact with the web view:

dart InAppWebViewController _webViewController;

  1. Set up the JavaScript channel:

dart JavascriptChannel _flutterChannel(BuildContext context) { return JavascriptChannel( name: 'FlutterChannel', onMessageReceived: (JavascriptMessage message) { // Handle messages received from JavaScript var data = message.message; // Do something with the data }, ); }

  1. Inject the JavaScript channel into the web view, along with the URL:

dart InAppWebView( initialUrlRequest: URLRequest(url: Uri.parse('your_url_here')), initialOptions: InAppWebViewGroupOptions( android: AndroidInAppWebViewOptions( useHybridComposition: true, ), crossPlatform: InAppWebViewOptions( javaScriptChannels: [ _flutterChannel(context).toJavascriptChannel(), ].toSet(), ), ), onWebViewCreated: (controller) { _webViewController = controller; }, );

  1. Send messages from Flutter to JavaScript:

dart _webViewController.evaluateJavascript('your_js_code_here');

  1. Send messages from JavaScript to Flutter:

javascript FlutterChannel.postMessage('your_message_here');

That's it! You can now send messages between Flutter and JavaScript using the JavaScript channel in the InAppWebView.

Please note that this is just a basic example, and you can customize it based on your specific requirements. Ensure that you handle the messages received from JavaScript appropriately in the onMessageReceived callback.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.