storagereference flutter not found

The error message "storagereference flutter not found" typically occurs when the Flutter package 'storagereference' is not found or not installed in your project. To resolve this issue, you can try the following steps:

  1. Make sure you have added the 'storagereference' package to your pubspec.yaml file. Open the pubspec.yaml file in your Flutter project and check if the package is listed under the dependencies section. If it is not listed, add it as follows:

yaml dependencies: storagereference: ^version_number

Replace version_number with the desired version of the package. You can find the latest version on the package's official documentation or on the Flutter package website.

  1. After adding the package to your pubspec.yaml file, save the file and run the following command in your terminal or command prompt:

bash flutter pub get

This command will fetch and download the package along with its dependencies.

  1. Once the package is successfully installed, you can import it in your Dart file using the following import statement:

dart import 'package:storagereference/storagereference.dart';

Make sure to replace storagereference with the correct package name if it differs.

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the "storagereference flutter not found" error and use the 'storagereference' package in your Flutter project.