fortran declare an array

In Fortran, you can declare an array using the following syntax:

type, dimension(n) :: array_name

Here's a breakdown of the different parts of this declaration:

  • type: Specifies the data type of the elements in the array. For example, you can use integer, real, character, etc.
  • dimension(n): Specifies the dimensions of the array. The value of n determines the number of elements in each dimension. You can have multiple dimensions by separating them with commas.
  • array_name: This is the name you give to the array variable.

For example, to declare an integer array called "my_array" with 10 elements, you would write:

integer, dimension(10) :: my_array

You can then access individual elements of the array using array indexing. For example, to access the third element of "my_array", you would write:

my_array(3) = 42

This assigns the value 42 to the third element of the array.

Keep in mind that in Fortran, arrays are typically indexed starting from 1, not 0 like in some other programming languages.