html download link

Sure, here is an example of how you can create an HTML download link using Fortran:

program create_download_link
  implicit none
  character(len=100) :: download_link

  ! Set the file name and path
  character(len=100) :: file_name = "example_file.txt"
  character(len=100) :: file_path = "/path/to/file/"

  ! Create the download link
  download_link = '<a href="'//trim(file_path)//trim(file_name)//'">Download File</a>'

  ! Print the download link
  print *, download_link

end program create_download_link

In this example, we start by declaring the necessary variables. The file_name variable represents the name of the file you want to provide as a download, and the file_path variable represents the path to the file on your server.

Next, we concatenate the file_path and file_name variables to create the full file URL. We use the trim function to remove any leading or trailing spaces from the strings.

Finally, we create the HTML download link by concatenating the necessary HTML tags (<a href="...">...</a>) with the download_link variable.

When you run this Fortran code, it will print the HTML download link to the console. You can then use this link in your HTML code to allow users to download the specified file.