go append array to array

To append one array to another in the Go programming language, you can use the built-in append() function. Here are the steps to achieve this:

  1. Create the two arrays that you want to append together. Let's call them array1 and array2.

  2. Use the append() function to append array2 to array1. The syntax for appending arrays in Go is array1 = append(array1, array2...). The ... after array2 is called a variadic parameter and it allows you to pass a variable number of arguments.

  3. After executing the append() function, array1 will now contain the elements of both array1 and array2 combined.

  4. If you want to store the result in a new array instead of modifying array1, you can create a new array and assign the result of the append() function to it. For example, newArray := append(array1, array2...).

  5. You can repeat this process to append more arrays if needed.

Remember to import the fmt package at the beginning of your Go program to use the append() function. You can do this by adding import "fmt" at the top of your code file.