run a go app

// Step 1: Create a new directory for your Go project
// mkdir mygoapp

// Step 2: Navigate into the project directory
// cd mygoapp

// Step 3: Create a new Go file, for example, main.go
// touch main.go

// Step 4: Open the main.go file in a text editor and add the following code
package main

import "fmt"

func main() {
    fmt.Println("Hello, Go!")

// Step 5: Save the main.go file

// Step 6: Run the Go application using the 'go run' command
// go run main.go


  1. mkdir mygoapp: This command creates a new directory named "mygoapp" to organize your Go project.

  2. cd mygoapp: This command changes your current working directory to the newly created "mygoapp" directory.

  3. touch main.go: This command creates a new file named "main.go" in the "mygoapp" directory. This file will contain your Go code.

  4. Open the "main.go" file in a text editor and add a simple Go program. The program consists of a main function that prints "Hello, Go!" to the console using the fmt.Println function.

  5. Save the "main.go" file after adding the code.

  6. go run main.go: This command compiles and runs your Go application. It will output "Hello, Go!" to the console.