%+v in golang

package main

import ( "fmt" )

func main() { // Step 1: Declare a variable of type string var str string

// Step 2: Assign a value to the variable
str = "Hello, world!"

// Step 3: Print the value of the variable
fmt.Printf("Value of str: %s\n", str)


Explanation for each step:

Step 1: We declare a variable called "str" of type string using the "var" keyword. This variable will store a sequence of characters.

Step 2: We assign the value "Hello, world!" to the variable "str" using the assignment operator (=). Now, the variable "str" holds the value "Hello, world!".

Step 3: We use the "fmt.Printf" function to print the value of the variable "str". The "%s" is a format specifier that tells the function to print a string. The "\n" is an escape sequence that represents a new line. So, the output will be "Value of str: Hello, world!".

Please let me know if you have any further questions.