golang converts string to rune slice

package main

import (

func main() {
    str := "Hello, 世界"
    runes := []rune(str)

    fmt.Printf("Original string: %s\n", str)
    fmt.Printf("Rune slice: %v\n", runes)

    // Explanation:
    // 1. The original string "Hello, 世界" contains a mix of ASCII characters and Unicode characters.
    // 2. The utf8 package is imported to work with UTF-8 encoded strings.
    // 3. The utf8.RuneCountInString function returns the number of runes (Unicode code points) in the string.
    // 4. The []rune conversion creates a new slice of runes from the original string.
    //    Each rune represents a Unicode character.
    // 5. The fmt.Printf statements print the original string and the rune slice.