colossal god of chaos

package main

import (

const (
    chaosMin = 1
    chaosMax = 100

func main() {

    // Step 1: Generate a random number representing the level of chaos.
    chaosLevel := generateRandomNumber(chaosMin, chaosMax)

    // Step 2: Display the generated chaos level.
    fmt.Printf("The Colossal God of Chaos has unleashed a chaos level of %d!\n", chaosLevel)

    // Step 3: Evaluate the chaos level and respond accordingly.

// generateRandomNumber generates a random number within the given range.
func generateRandomNumber(min, max int) int {
    return rand.Intn(max-min+1) + min

// handleChaos evaluates the chaos level and responds accordingly.
func handleChaos(chaosLevel int) {
    switch {
    case chaosLevel <= 30:
        fmt.Println("The world is relatively calm. The Colossal God of Chaos is taking a nap.")
    case chaosLevel <= 70:
        fmt.Println("The Colossal God of Chaos is stirring, causing some disturbances in the world.")
    case chaosLevel <= 90:
        fmt.Println("Chaos is rampant! The Colossal God of Chaos is wreaking havoc across the land.")
        fmt.Println("The world is in complete chaos! The Colossal God of Chaos is on a rampage!")