redirect in grails

To redirect in Grails using the Groovy language, you can use the redirect method provided by the Grails controller. The redirect method allows you to specify the URL or action to redirect to.

Here's an example of how to use the redirect method in a Grails controller:

class MyController {
    def myAction() {
        // Perform some logic here

        redirect(action: "otherAction") // Redirect to another action in the same controller

    def otherAction() {
        // Perform some logic here

        redirect(url: "") // Redirect to an external URL

In the example above, the myAction method performs some logic and then redirects to the otherAction method within the same controller using the redirect(action: "otherAction") syntax. The otherAction method then performs some logic and redirects to an external URL using the redirect(url: "") syntax.

You can also pass parameters to the redirected action by including them in the redirect method call. For example:

redirect(action: "otherAction", params: [param1: "value1", param2: "value2"])

This will redirect to the otherAction method and pass the parameters param1 and param2 with their corresponding values.

Remember to import the necessary classes and packages, such as, if needed.

That's how you can perform a redirect in Grails using the Groovy language.