can you partially define a tuple in haskell

Yes, you can partially define a tuple in Haskell. Here's an example:

tuple :: (Int, String)
tuple = (42, "Hello, World!")

In this example, we have defined a tuple tuple with two elements: an Int (with a value of 42) and a String (with a value of "Hello, World!"). This is a complete definition of a tuple.

If you want to partially define a tuple, you can use an underscore _ to represent a missing value. For example:

partialTuple :: (Int, String)
partialTuple = (42, _)

In this case, the second element of the tuple is not specified and is represented by _. This allows you to define a tuple with some values missing, which can be filled in later.

Keep in mind that the type of the missing value needs to match the expected type of the tuple element.