concat two integers haskell

In Haskell, you can concatenate two integers by converting them to strings using the show function, concatenating the strings using the ++ operator, and then converting the resulting string back to an integer using the read function. Here's an example:

concatenateIntegers :: Int -> Int -> Int
concatenateIntegers x y = read (show x ++ show y)

This function takes two integers x and y as input and returns their concatenation as an integer. The show function converts each integer to a string, the ++ operator concatenates the strings, and the read function converts the resulting string back to an integer.

You can use this function to concatenate two integers in Haskell. For example:

main :: IO ()
main = do
  let concatenated = concatenateIntegers 123 456
  print concatenated

This will output 123456, which is the concatenation of 123 and 456.