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Ionic NFC Reader with Angular and Capacitor

To implement NFC reader functionality in an Ionic app using Angular and Capacitor, you can follow these steps:

  1. Install Capacitor NFC Plugin: First, install the Capacitor NFC plugin by running the following command: bash npm install @capacitor/nfc

  2. Register the Plugin: After installing the plugin, register it in your Ionic app by adding the following import statement to your app.module.ts file: ```typescript import { registerWebPlugin } from '@capacitor/core'; import { NFC } from '@capacitor/nfc';

registerWebPlugin(NFC); ```

  1. Request NFC Permission: Request permission to use NFC in your app by calling the requestNdef method from the @capacitor/nfc plugin.

  2. Read NFC Tags: Use the addListener method to listen for NFC tag discoveries and handle the tag data as needed. For example: ```typescript import { NFC, NfcTagData } from '@capacitor/nfc';

// Inside a component or service NFC.addListener('ndef', (tag: NfcTagData) => { console.log('Tag discovered', tag); // Handle the tag data here }); ```

  1. Build and Deploy: Once the implementation is complete, build your Ionic app using Capacitor and deploy it to the desired platform.

By following these steps, you can integrate NFC reader functionality into your Ionic app using Angular and Capacitor.