ionic cordova icon notification

To add an icon to a notification in an Ionic Cordova application, you can use the cordova-plugin-local-notification plugin. Here are the steps to implement it:

  1. Install the plugin by running the following command in your Ionic project directory:
ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-local-notification
  1. Import the LocalNotifications module in your component where you want to use the notification feature:
import { LocalNotifications } from '@ionic-native/local-notifications/ngx';
  1. Inject the LocalNotifications module in the constructor of your component:
constructor(private localNotifications: LocalNotifications) { }
  1. To schedule a notification with an icon, you can use the schedule method:
  id: 1,
  title: 'My Notification',
  text: 'This is a notification with an icon',
  smallIcon: 'res://icon',
  icon: 'res://icon',
  data: { myData: 'Any data you want to pass with the notification' }

In this example, replace 'res://icon' with the path to your custom icon file.

  1. Build and run your Ionic Cordova application on a device to see the notification with the specified icon.

By following these steps, you'll be able to add an icon to a notification in an Ionic Cordova application.