julia unzip array of tuples

To unzip an array of tuples in Julia, you can use the zip function along with the ... (splat) operator. Here's an example:

arr = [(1, "a"), (2, "b"), (3, "c")]

unzipped = zip(...arr...)

unzipped_first_elements = first.(unzipped)
unzipped_second_elements = last.(unzipped)


This code will unzip the array of tuples arr into two separate arrays: unzipped_first_elements containing the first elements of each tuple, and unzipped_second_elements containing the second elements of each tuple. You can replace println with any other desired operation or store the unzipped arrays in variables for further use.

Please note that the ... operator is used to unpack the elements of the arr array when passing them to the zip function. This allows the zip function to treat each tuple in arr as separate arguments.

I hope this helps!