lua how to get random object from a table

Getting a Random Object from a Lua Table

function getRandomObjectFromTable(table)
  local keys = {}
  for key in pairs(table) do
    table.insert(keys, key)
  local randomKey = keys[math.random(1, #keys)]
  return table[randomKey]
  1. Define a Function: Create a function called getRandomObjectFromTable that takes a table as a parameter.
  2. Initialize Keys Array: Initialize an empty array called keys.
  3. Iterate Through Table Keys: Iterate through the keys of the input table using a for loop and insert each key into the keys array.
  4. Generate Random Key: Generate a random number between 1 and the length of the keys array using math.random and store it in randomKey.
  5. Return Random Object: Return the object from the input table corresponding to the randomly selected key.