roblox how to make rainbow part

To create a rainbow part in Lua on Roblox, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a Part: Start by creating a new part using the function. Set the part's shape to "Block" and its name to something descriptive.

  2. Set the Color: Set the part's color property to a Color3 value that represents the first color of the rainbow. You can use the function to create a new color. For example, to set the color to red, you can use part.BrickColor ="Bright red").

  3. Create a Gradient: To create a gradient effect for the rainbow, you can use the MeshGradient object. Create a new MeshGradient and assign it to the part's Mesh.TextureId property.

  4. Set the Gradient Colors: Set the Mesh.Gradient property of the MeshGradient to an array of ColorSequenceKeypoint objects. Each ColorSequenceKeypoint should have a time and color value. For example, you can create a ColorSequenceKeypoint like this: local keypoint =, color). Add multiple ColorSequenceKeypoints to the MeshGradient to create the rainbow effect.

  5. Apply the Gradient to the Part: Finally, assign the MeshGradient to the part's Mesh.TextureId property to apply the gradient effect to the part.

Here is an example code snippet that demonstrates the steps outlined above:

local part ="Part")
part.Shape = Enum.PartType.Block
part.Name = "RainbowPart"
part.Parent = workspace

part.BrickColor ="Bright red")

local gradient ="MeshGradient")
gradient.ColorSequence ={,, 0, 0)), -- Red,, 1, 0)), -- Yellow,, 1, 0)), -- Green,, 1, 1)), -- Cyan,, 0, 1)), -- Blue,, 0, 1)), -- Magenta,, 0, 0)) -- Red

part.Mesh.TextureId = gradient

By following these steps, you should be able to create a rainbow part using Lua on Roblox.