roblox make debounce

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local debounce = false
local button = script.Parent

    if not debounce then
        debounce = true
        -- Your code here
        wait(1) -- Example debounce time
        debounce = false

Explanation: 1. Create a local variable named "debounce" and set it to false. 2. Create another local variable named "button" and assign it to the script's parent object. 3. Use the MouseButton1Click event to connect a function that checks if the debounce is false. 4. If the debounce is false, set it to true to prevent multiple rapid activations. 5. Implement your desired code within the if statement block. 6. Use the wait function to introduce a delay as the debounce time. 7. Set the debounce back to false after the wait period to allow the button to be activated again.