roblox make region

To create a region in Lua for Roblox, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a new part: Use the function to create a new part. Set its properties such as size, position, and color as desired. For example:
local part ="Part")
part.Size =, 5, 10)
part.Position =, 0, 0)
part.BrickColor ="Bright blue")
  1. Create a region: Use the function to define a region. This function takes in two Vector3 arguments representing the minimum and maximum points of the region. For example:
local region =, -2.5, -5),, 2.5, 5))
  1. Create a part operation: Create a PartOperation using the function. This operation defines how the part will be modified within the region. For example, you can set the part's color to red inside the region:
local partOperation =, Enum.PartOperation.Union, Enum.PartOperation.Union, Enum.PartOperation.Replace)
partOperation:SetColor(Enum.Material.Plastic,"Bright red"))
  1. Apply the operation to the region: Use the Workspace:ApplyPartOperationAsync function to apply the part operation to the region. This function takes in the region and the part operation as arguments. For example:
Workspace:ApplyPartOperationAsync(region, partOperation)

By following these steps, you can create a region in Roblox using Lua. Please note that this is a basic example, and you can customize the region and part operations as per your requirements.