os.date lua

-- Getting the current date and time
local currentDate = os.date("*t")

-- Accessing individual components of the date and time
local year = currentDate.year
local month = currentDate.month
local day = currentDate.day
local hour = currentDate.hour
local min = currentDate.min
local sec = currentDate.sec

-- Displaying the date and time components
print("Current Date and Time:")
print("Year: " .. year)
print("Month: " .. month)
print("Day: " .. day)
print("Hour: " .. hour)
print("Minute: " .. min)
print("Second: " .. sec)


  • os.date("t") retrieves the current date and time information and stores it in a table format (t) named currentDate.
  • currentDate.year, currentDate.month, currentDate.day, currentDate.hour, currentDate.min, and currentDate.sec are used to access individual components (year, month, day, hour, minute, second) of the current date and time stored in the currentDate table.
  • print("Current Date and Time:") and subsequent print statements are used to display the extracted date and time components to the console by concatenating the component names with their respective values using the .. operator.