print script lua

To print a script in Lua, you can follow these steps:

  1. Start by declaring a variable to store the script. For example, you can use the variable name "script" and assign it a value containing your desired Lua script.

  2. Use the "print" function to display the content of the script variable. This function outputs the specified value to the console.

  3. Save the Lua script file with a .lua extension. This will allow you to execute the script using a Lua interpreter.

  4. Run the Lua script by executing it with a Lua interpreter. This can be done by opening a terminal or command prompt, navigating to the directory where the Lua script is saved, and running the command "lua script.lua" (where "script.lua" is the name of your Lua script file).

  5. The Lua interpreter will execute the script and display the output of the "print" function on the console.

By following these steps, you can print a Lua script and see the output in the console.