lua table to json

-- Step 1: Require the cjson module
local cjson = require("cjson")

-- Step 2: Define a Lua table
local myTable = {
    name = "John",
    age = 30,
    city = "New York",
    hobbies = {"reading", "traveling", "coding"},
    address = {
        street = "123 Main St",
        zip = "10001"

-- Step 3: Convert the Lua table to a JSON-formatted string
local jsonString = cjson.encode(myTable)

-- Step 4: Print the JSON-formatted string

In this example, we use the cjson module, which is a JSON encoding and decoding module for Lua. First, we require the module in Step 1. Then, in Step 2, we define a Lua table (myTable) with various types of data, including strings, numbers, an array (hobbies), and a nested table (address).

In Step 3, we use the cjson.encode() function to convert the Lua table into a JSON-formatted string (jsonString). Finally, in Step 4, we print the resulting JSON string to the console.