roblox studio pause physics

To pause physics in Roblox Studio using Lua, you can follow these steps:

  1. Access the physics settings: Retrieve the physics settings using the PhysicsSettings property of the game object. This property holds all the physics-related settings for the Roblox game.

  2. Disable physics: Set the PhysicsSettings.PhysicsEnvironmentalThrottle property to Enum.EnviromentalPhysicsThrottle.Disabled. This property controls the overall physics behavior of the game. By setting it to Disabled, you effectively pause physics simulation in the game.

  3. Update the physics settings: Assign the modified PhysicsSettings object back to the game object using the same property. This ensures that the changes take effect in the game.

Here is the code snippet that demonstrates these steps:

local physicsSettings = game:GetService("PhysicsSettings")
physicsSettings.PhysicsEnvironmentalThrottle = Enum.EnviromentalPhysicsThrottle.Disabled
game:SetService("PhysicsSettings", physicsSettings)

By following these steps, you can successfully pause the physics simulation in Roblox Studio using Lua.