how to make a welcome badge roblox lua

To create a welcome badge in Roblox Lua, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open Roblox Studio: Launch Roblox Studio on your computer.

  2. Create a new script: In the Explorer window, right-click on the "Workspace" folder and select "Insert Object" > "Script". This will create a new script in the workspace.

  3. Define the badge name: In the script, add the following line of code to set the name of the badge:

local badgeName = "Welcome Badge"
  1. Define the badge ID: In the script, add the following line of code to set the ID of the badge:
local badgeID = 123456789 -- Replace with your desired badge ID
  1. Create a badge object: In the script, add the following lines of code to create the badge object and set its properties:
local badge ="Badge")
badge.Name = badgeName
badge.BadgeId = badgeID
  1. Assign the badge to players: In the script, add the following lines of code to assign the badge to players when they join the game:
        badge:Clone().Parent = player
  1. Save and test: Save the script and run the game to test the welcome badge. When players join the game, they should receive the badge.

Note: Make sure to replace the badgeID variable with your desired badge ID, which you can obtain from the Roblox website.


  • Step 1: Opening Roblox Studio is the first step to start creating the welcome badge in Roblox Lua.

  • Step 2: Creating a new script in the Workspace folder allows us to write Lua code that will create the badge.

  • Step 3: The badgeName variable is used to store the name of the badge. You can change it to your preferred name.

  • Step 4: The badgeID variable is used to store the ID of the badge. You need to replace the placeholder with the actual badge ID you want to use.

  • Step 5: The"Badge") creates a new instance of the "Badge" class. We then set the Name and BadgeId properties to the values stored in the badgeName and badgeID variables, respectively.

  • Step 6: The game.Players.PlayerAdded event is fired when a player joins the game. We use this event to assign the badge to the player by cloning the badge object and setting it as a child of the player's character.

  • Step 7: Saving the script and testing it in the game allows you to see if the welcome badge is successfully assigned to players when they join.

Remember to replace the placeholder badge ID with an actual ID obtained from the Roblox website.