rotate modl roblox

To rotate a model in Lua for Roblox, you can follow these steps:

  1. Get the model you want to rotate: Use the game.Workspace object to access the model you want to rotate. You can use the FindFirstChild function to find the specific model by its name or other properties.

  2. Set the rotation angle: Use the CFrame property of the model to set the rotation. The CFrame represents the position and rotation of the model in 3D space. You can create a new CFrame object using the function, passing in the desired rotation angles.

  3. Apply the rotation: Assign the new CFrame object to the CFrame property of the model. This will update the model's rotation in the game.

Here is an example code snippet that demonstrates how to rotate a model in Roblox using Lua:

-- Step 1: Get the model
local model = game.Workspace:FindFirstChild("MyModel")

-- Step 2: Set the rotation angle
local rotationAngle =, 90, 0) -- Rotate 90 degrees around the y-axis
local rotationCFrame = CFrame.Angles(math.rad(rotationAngle.x), math.rad(rotationAngle.y), math.rad(rotationAngle.z))

-- Step 3: Apply the rotation
model.CFrame = model.CFrame * rotationCFrame

This code assumes that you have a model named "MyModel" in the Workspace. Adjust the model name and rotation angle according to your specific needs.

I hope this explanation helps you understand how to rotate a model in Lua for Roblox. Let me know if you have any further questions.