how to use for iv in pairs

Using "for k, v in pairs" in Lua

To use the "for k, v in pairs" loop in Lua, follow these steps:

  1. Initialize the Loop:
  2. Begin the loop with the "for" keyword followed by the loop variables, in this case, "k" and "v".
  3. Use the "in" keyword to specify the table to be iterated over.
  4. End the line with "do" to indicate the start of the loop body.

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  1. Iterate Over the Table:
  2. Within the loop body, use the variables "k" and "v" to access the key-value pairs of the table.
  3. Perform any desired operations using the key-value pairs within the loop body.

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  1. End the Loop:
  2. Close the loop body with the "end" keyword to indicate the end of the loop.

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This loop is commonly used to iterate over all key-value pairs in a table in Lua.