roblox lua how to apply gravity to a object

To apply gravity to an object in Lua, specifically in Roblox Lua, you can follow these steps:

  1. Identify the object: Determine the object you want to apply gravity to. This could be a part, a model, or any other object in your game.

  2. Enable physics: In order to apply gravity to an object, physics must be enabled for that object. Use the SetPrimaryPartCFrame method to set the object's position and orientation, then use the SetPrimaryPart method to specify the object's primary part. Finally, use the SetNetworkOwner method to set the network owner of the object.

  3. Set the gravity: Use the Gravity property of the object to set the desired amount of gravity. The default value is 196.2, which corresponds to the acceleration due to gravity on Earth. You can increase or decrease this value to adjust the strength of gravity for the object.

  4. Test and refine: Test your game to see how the object behaves with gravity applied. Adjust the gravity value as needed until you achieve the desired effect.

Remember to save your script and run the game to see the gravity in action.