lua how to default value if nil

-- Function to assign a default value if the input is nil
function defaultValue(input, default)
    return input or default

-- Example usage
local value = nil -- The value that might be nil
local defaultValue = defaultValue(value, "default") -- Assigning a default value if 'value' is nil
print(defaultValue) -- Output the resulting value

Explanation: 1. function defaultValue(input, default) defines a function named defaultValue that takes two parameters: input and default. 2. return input or default is the line that performs the action. If input is nil or false, it returns default; otherwise, it returns input. 3. local value = nil initializes a variable value with a value of nil. 4. local defaultValue = defaultValue(value, "default") calls the defaultValue function, passing the value variable and the default string "default" as arguments. It assigns the result to the defaultValue variable. 5. print(defaultValue) outputs the resulting value to the console.