roblox studio buying robux

local MarketplaceService = game:GetService("MarketplaceService")
local Player = game.Players.LocalPlayer

local function buyRobux(amount)
    local success, errorMessage, errorType = MarketplaceService:PromptRobuxPurchase(Player, amount)
    if success then
        print("Robux purchase successful!")
        print("Robux purchase failed. Error: " .. errorMessage)
        if errorType == Enum.PromptPurchaseError.NotEnoughRobux then
            print("You don't have enough Robux for this purchase.")
        elseif errorType == Enum.PromptPurchaseError.PromptFailed then
            print("Prompt failed. Please try again later.")
        elseif errorType == Enum.PromptPurchaseError.UnknownFailure then
            print("Unknown failure occurred. Please try again later.")

-- Example usage: buyRobux(100) -- Change 100 to the amount of Robux you want to buy


  1. local MarketplaceService = game:GetService("MarketplaceService"): This line gets the MarketplaceService, which allows interaction with the Roblox marketplace for purchases.

  2. local Player = game.Players.LocalPlayer: This line gets the instance of the local player who is making the purchase.

  3. local function buyRobux(amount): Defines a function named buyRobux that takes an amount parameter representing the number of Robux to purchase.

  4. local success, errorMessage, errorType = MarketplaceService:PromptRobuxPurchase(Player, amount): This line prompts a Robux purchase for the specified amount for the Player. It returns three values: success indicates whether the purchase was successful, errorMessage contains an error message if the purchase failed, and errorType indicates the type of error that occurred, if any.

  5. if success then ... else ... end: Checks if the purchase was successful. If it was, it prints a success message. If not, it prints an error message based on the errorMessage and errorType received from the purchase attempt.

  6. Inside the else block:

    • It prints the error message retrieved from the purchase attempt.
    • Checks the errorType to determine the specific reason for the failure. It provides different error messages based on different error types:
      • Enum.PromptPurchaseError.NotEnoughRobux: Indicates insufficient Robux to make the purchase.
      • Enum.PromptPurchaseError.PromptFailed: Indicates that the purchase prompt failed for some reason.
      • Enum.PromptPurchaseError.UnknownFailure: Indicates an unknown failure occurred during the purchase.
  7. -- Example usage: buyRobux(100): This line serves as an example of how to use the buyRobux function. Replace 100 with the desired amount of Robux to purchase.