roblox create part script

  1. First, you need to create a new script in Roblox Studio by clicking the "+" button in the Explorer window and selecting "Script."

  2. Next, you'll want to access the part you want the script to affect. You can do this by finding the part in the Explorer window or by using the "Select" tool in the 3D view.

  3. Once you have the part selected, you can reference it in your script using the following code:

local part = script.Parent
  1. Now, you can write the code to make the part do something. For example, to change the color of the part to red, you can use the following code:
part.BrickColor ="Bright red")
  1. Finally, make sure to save your script, and you can test it by running the game in Roblox Studio to see the part change color as expected.