while main.lua

  1. Start by declaring a variable called "count" and set its initial value to 0.
  2. Create a while loop with the condition "count < 10". This loop will continue until the count reaches a value of 10.
  3. Inside the loop, print the value of "count" using the print() function.
  4. Increment the value of "count" by 1 using the assignment operator "+=".
  5. After the loop ends, print a message indicating that the loop has finished.

Explanation: The given code is written in Lua, a lightweight scripting language commonly used in game development and embedded systems. The code demonstrates the usage of a while loop to print numbers from 0 to 9.

In the first step, a variable named "count" is declared and assigned a value of 0. This variable will be used to keep track of the current number being printed.

The while loop is created with the condition "count < 10". This means that as long as the value of "count" is less than 10, the loop will continue executing. Inside the loop, the value of "count" is printed using the print() function. This function outputs the value to the console or terminal.

After printing the value, the "count" variable is incremented by 1 using the "+=" operator. This ensures that the loop progresses to the next number for each iteration.

Once the loop condition is no longer met (i.e., when "count" reaches a value of 10), the loop exits, and a message indicating the end of the loop is printed.

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